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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Winking Weather Window Dawn Ride

Somehow me and XX stuck in a stolen DP this morning and dodged all the rain.  I think that this Weather Channel doppler data from 6AM explains it.

Chris is still getting his legs back from SDS so I went on cobweb duty again today.  Rolled it counter clockwise with so variations not usually taken.

Renegade/Nacho - I tried to put a gap between us but XX stayed right on my wheel.  Rockburn Branch - on the down portion of the up-down-up I rolled it all the way down to the creek so we could roll up the off camber root steep.  From Ridge I pulled the Valley View Alt (gotta get this while the gettin's good cuz trail work is imminent for this section) like usually, but then switched things up with a Double Connector (New and Old Connectors) dogleg that led us back to Ridge.  Form there we rolled Cascade (the Falls way), Lewis & Clark, Old Track, and Log.

Twas a zippy 1st half and a mellow 2nd half.

Made it home just before the skies opened up.

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