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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pocket Chain Saws


The first time I looked at this picture I thought, "Cool!" It truly
is amazing what hikers and bikers can do to clear out big falls where
toting gasoline powered saws isn't an option.

But after looking at this particular pic for a second time, I find it
funny.  The two dudes in the picture readying their saws could
probably just grab and move those 5 inch trunks off the trail without
a saw in a sharp short shock and a heave ho or two.  If not then maybe
the cameraman could lend a hand too and help bust the move.

BBC Nature - Tuatara reptile slices food with 'steak-knife teeth'


I had a book when I was a kid called "Reptiles do the Most Amazing Things". This little guy is imprinted on my brain as the living fossil. Look it up, yo!

Eyes Beetle


Pool Setup

VID_20120529_103614.3gp Watch on Posterous


Monday, May 28, 2012

The Moraine Ride

Eleven miles from the farm where Jen grew up is the North Shore of Moraine State Park.  I was thrilled to have Android GPS navigation guide me to the trail head this time.  Lot's of back farm roads with 3, 4 and 5 point intersections make it much trickier with just a Mapquest printout.

This my fifth or sixth time to Moraine, but the Reba Monkey was still a Moraine virgin til today.  These trails are so sweet.  Look up Moraine in the dictionary.  Rotsa-rocks at 5 mph average speed is what it means.  

I woke at 5 at started at 6:something so they were soaked with dew, but totally puddle-and-mud-free.

Imagine big-all-tall-boulder-slabs joined with piled rock and corduroy-log-boardwalks all over the place and a little bit of healthy elevation change thrown in to mix things up around every turn.  Then throw in evening rain and moring dew to soak all the surfaces.

Picture a loamy rooty steep switchback into a Volkswagen sized boulder that drops through a log stacked trough onto a Smartcar sized bouler exit into another swtchback filled with babyheads.  Then imagine all of that soaking wet, steering gingerly and avoiding any off camber front brakage and aiming for the moss covered rock face partswith the rear tire because they gave a bit better traction than the bare rock face.  That's Moraine State Park.

Slip and slide slicky wet, no riding partner to dial 911/to show off in front off...Sadly, I walked some of the craziesr sh1t that I'd ridden in prior/drier visits.  Didn't see a soul except wildlife and didn't want to be alone and unconscious, so I chickened out;-(  

On a happier note, I didn't get lost at all this venture so I'm fully qualified to be a trail guide when you want to join me there next time.  It's worth the trip.

Reba Monkey can't wait to go back again.


Xoom Xoom


Friday, May 25, 2012

Bringing out the Red in My Neck

Check out the backwards ball-cap and sunglasses sunburn.


Live Wrong bracelet got a nice burn in too.

I'll make a great impression with clients at the office sportin' my hat tanlines.

Fishing in Middle River, Hon

Matt caught two fish near Hartmiller Island State Park.

Watch "Fish bomb" on YouTube

Daisy Air Rifle


Best birthday gift ever.

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid. "

Musta Been Me and XX

Here's another one I forgot to post, race fans!

The grass is getting high out there, yo!


From the looks of the GPS trakc this was the one where me and XX were gonna meet on Nacho, but I took Boardwalk while he was on the regular trail and we missed each other.  Thank goodness for cell phones.

Can't remember how many laps around RBB that was.  Looks like 5 or 6 from the track on the map;-)


C&O and Western MD Rail Trail

Rode this stretch with Ben and a group from his cub scout pack at last weekends Fort Frederick Camping Trip.  Smooth as silk crushed gravel path without any features to roost on.  Boring riding but fun hanging with the kids and waving to the bike packers.

Birthday Ride

Me a KC rolled a hot clockwise lap with no extras and no nonsense.


Conditions were good but muddy in the usual holes.  Worse than Wednesday in some spots.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Ask Don't Tell Ride

The picture tells a 1000 words.  Pretty clean legs = wasn't too bad out there.

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 7:49 AM, BILLBLANDFORD <> wrote:

Me and rider x went trailing.  Trails got a B- on Renachomont and a B+ everywhere else.

Don't Ask Don't Tell Ride


Me and rider x went trailing.  Trails got a B- on Renachomont and a B+ everywhere else.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

B+ Skillz Park Ride

It was already freakin' light out at 5:30 when I woke.  46 degrees on the Oregon Scientific meant shorts were OK, but kneesocks and a skull cap were in order.

Met XX and Baler at the usual spot.  

Also ran into Deez at the trail head.  She was asking about you.  No, really.  Deez.  You remember Deez, don't you?


Joe was there too.


Trails got a B+.  Some puddles and greasy spots still.

I would have given them a flat B, but they got the + cause none of us vocalized that they were bad whilst riding.
Clockwise loop with a Steepy Bathrooms drop to mix things up.
Afterward me and XX checked out the Rockburn Skills Park progress.  "Is it coming along nicley?", you ask.
Here's some shotz of the progress....

And for all you GPS nerdz here's a shoot out between the Garmin Edge 205 and the Garmin Fit App for Android. NOTE:  I expected more distance and time on the Android because I parked the bike and walked around for a while at the skills park.  But I didn't expect a difference of 300ft in Elevation Gain???
Edge 205 - B+ Skillz Park Ride
Android - B+ Skillz Park Ride



Monday, May 7, 2012



Where's My Dirt Rag

Why do I always have to be the last to know about all the SS, 29er, and Jones love that DirtRag is handing out every month?  if it wasn't for my NC groupies, I wouldn't even know I earned the threebie issues for Chewing Some Fat;-)

It's still not here yet!  Could be in the mailbox, but that's all the way outside.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elisabeth's Bike Rox


On the Rag Again


Bring your copy over and I'll autograph it for you.

Dear You,
Ride fast...take chances!


Cinco De Mayo

Family dinner at Daniel's in Elkridge;-)


Saturday Dawn Ride with Dick Hertz

KC is back in the saddle.  Wheels down around 5:50 sans lights from CdB.

Rolled the Farm Field to hit the Clockwise Loop.  Got a text from Krash just as we finished rolling thru Cascade rock garden.  We decided to go down the Steepy to the bathrooms, then back up the Cascade falls way, and up the Rock Garden to meet Krash on upper Cascade.  Turned back around for a Rock Garden three-peat.  

Ridged, Rock Burned, Boardwalked, Nachoed, and Renegaded our way out.

My Garmin had managed to turn itself off 3 times druing this ride;-(

Fishing at Lost Lake

Me and Elisabeth and Joe and Abby went to lost lake right after our midday storm on Saturday.  Abby pulled a "BlueGoo" out on her first cast.


Frogs on the banks too.


Friday Turtle Ride

Just a blinky up front so I could be seen on the road to the meet.  Surise at 6:05 means light enough at 5:45 to see on the trails.


Me and XX rode geared bikes.  It had T-stormed around midnight so it was slick.  

There were two different lines everywhere I went:  

  • The one I wanted to take
  • The one that the diagonal roots made me take


Rescued 2 box turtles from the middle of the trail;-)