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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Microsoft 8 gets a breast reduction

Look out for

Can I join up and keep my gmail address?

Thanks , dopers !
Without you we would not have to find something to do with this billion dollar facility after you leave London.

I thought that Madonna was more sensitive to "poles"

Crazy Idea for Di2 on a MTB


All you'd need to do to go electric shifting on a MTB would be to machine a figure 8 shaped clamp that would clamp the handlebar like a Paul Thumbie and: ---have a hollow sleeve for the bar end shifter to slide in for below the bar shifting
--work like a Thumbie but have the bolt on interface for the shifter parallel to the bar instead

According to at least one blog I found online Di2 can be made to work with a 12-32 cassette:

The trick is in the b-tension screw. Make sure that you, or your mechanic, screw it in all the way. If you need addition clearance, remove the screw and put it in backwards.

If that wouldn't work, you could probably pull a long cage off of a MTB r-der and mount it on the Di2 derailleur to achieve 36T compatibility.

Skinny Pete


Welcome back Pete and Badger;-)




True dat.

New bike?


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Glenwood Hot Springs, CO

Perfect morning bath after and all nighter on the road thru CAN,  NV, AZ, UT

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Night Traffic to Vegas?


Bumper to bummer:(

Providence: Take 2


Out my window on I-15 N.

Joshua Trees


World's tallest thermometer


Bakersfield, CA - Land of Citrus and Crude Oil - Friday 7/20 Today

HAHA, Blog-fans!!!! I'm finally all caught up.

Been having way to much fun to pull aside and post up.

Thursday/Friday Overnite at Lake Isabella/Kern River KOA in Weldon, CA

Surrounded by mountains on all sides.  Temp was 95 when we arrived at 4PM and dropped to 65 by 5AM.  Perfect sleeping weather.  Zero humidity dried the towels and bathing suits in minutes.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, CA on Wednesday 7/18

Cousin Diane sped us around the park(s) all day and knew all the locals-only tricks to fit 2 days worth of fun into 14 hours.