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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to Basics


Met up with KC at 5:30.  He was having MagicShine battery issues so i shared one of my batteries and we were rolling by 5:40, each with one headlamp and a rigid SS.

Decided to make a bee-line for BaltCo.  Nacho>RBB>Ridge>VV was the direction we took.

Cobweb duty was worse than ever.  Twice I rolled thru Charlotte's Webs as big as 4X8 sheets of plywood with spiders dangling off the side or crawling around on my helmet.

Swimming Prohibited>Vineyard (dead snake in trail near top)>Nuns Triple Log

I stumbled and fell over a boulder at the Nun's tunnel entrance.  Got a shiner on my left shin, but somehow managed to escape the twig-snap-over-a-knee that coulda happened to my leg on that rock...phew!

Cascade (the low way)>Morning Choice>Old Track (whole loop CCW)>Log

Back to Landing by 7:15 for a Baler commuter sighting;-)

Twas such a nice day I decided to road to work too;-)  1st commute in a while.  Green Giant feels really great with newish drivetrain;-)

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