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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crippled Crank;-(

Me and KC met at 5:55 for some early fall-ish conditions.  Temp was 64 when I woke so I threw the long sleeve jersey on.  Felt a bit hot on the trail.

Lots of pollen in the headlamp beam today.  Carl took cobweb duty but I wish that he'd stood while he rode so he could've gotten all the tall guy webs too;-)

Rolling along mellow conversational, and when I get to the waterfall rock dip on Ridge my pedal feels cleat is slipping.  On closer inspection I see that the pedal threads have stripped on the drive side and the pedal is crooked.  Doh!  No wonder my cranks were making so much racket!

VID_20120822_071334.3gp Watch on Posterous
So here's the Strava Android vs Garmin Fit Android pepsi challenge for a one footed ride down the park road to a Lawyer's Hill climb with a wiggly right pedal that couldn't bear weight.


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