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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flatz at Dawn

Twas a shortened ride even though KC, newMark, and me started at 5:45.

I rear flatted on ??? an went flat a third of the way into Old Track loop.  Look what I did in the park in the dark


The dawn was breaking as I flipped the bike and went thru the motions.  KC and newMark decided to ride around the Old Track and give me time alone to stroke the pump.  They returned a few minutes later, Carl with a burp flat up front that required a second change for the day.

Rest of ride was mellow but continuous.  

Lollipopped MC>Grovemont>L&C>Old Track the other way>Morning Choice all the way to 4 way>RBB v^v>Boardwalk>FarmField

Saw an 8 point buck in the farm field, and then again on the way out.  We stood still looking at each other for a good while.  Almost got his picture but as soon as the stupid phone camera was ready to shoot, he sensed it, gave me the finger, and jumped away.


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