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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Goldilocks DP

Schools back in session kids.

Baler, XX, Krash, and me hit the trails with lights blazing and
perfecto conditions.

Goldilocks pace...not too fast, not too slow, just right

We took turns doing cobweb duty and rolled the standard CW loop with a
bonus wrong-way VV Alt thrown in the mix.

Actually, there's no wrong-way on VV Alt anymore thx to trail
maintenance that has short cutted around one of the funnest steeps in
the park...grrrrr, they're sure to close that chute soon! VV Alt is
riddled with about 6 big logs in a 30 yard stretch. Would be ridable
but for the fact that it's a lot of umph to trhow down after you just
climbed ridge and there's one double trunker tree that is spaced to
close to clean unless someone builds in the middle.

A stop at the ridge bar was in order. Props to Baler for the trail
treats;-) Baler's Monkey with dirt drop bars and a 1X9 with OldSkool
Suntour friction barcon shifter impresses guyyz like me too;-)

Oh yeah! I almost forgot the best part. NO TALK OF PHARMSTRONG WHATSOEVER!

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