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Friday, August 3, 2012

Longest Wheel Build Ever...

....breathes new life into the these-parts-should-have-been-sent-to-the-scrap heap wheel.

Got this Coda/Zac19 wheel from some dude on Freecycle.  The freehub pawls were seizing up.

I had a Shimano STX 8sp hub laying around that had been shop bin junk at an LBS at one time.  I'd used it to harvest axle spacers for fixie projects.  I spent a good while tonight scavenging the right axle spacers combo to get the axle to 135mm on the money.  I liked this old Shimano Parallax hub because is was about the same dimensions as the Coda, so I figured I'd recycle the Shimano hub, spokes, nipples, and Zac19 rim.

But we had a problem Houston.  The Zac's spokes were corroded to the nipples and wouldn't budge at all.  I hit the inside and outside of each nipple with a drop of Triflow and went out to the shed to explore other rim and spoke options.  Ended up coming back to the Zac and clipping the old spokes off with the lineman's pliers.

Then I ran the Zac and the Parallax thru the old Spocalc 
Select Hub Add Hub Print hub database
Select Rim Add Rim Print Rim database
Nipple Length
Left265.6 Right 263.9Link to this build Print this build

But the closest I could come up with was used spokes:
LEFT - 13@268mm and 3@266mm 
RIGHT - 14@265mm and 2@266mm

What fun re-using used nipples, spokes, and rim.  Don't forget that the spokes are too long too.  It took forever to get tension.  It took a while to chase the hop to a minimum too.

But at the end of the day, $0 were spent and I have a half decent wheel for Ben's 26er project that I'm Frankensteining together;-)

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