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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ride-us Recent-us

I've been holding back on a few rides lately, as if anyone even reads this blog anyway.


Me, XX, AT, and Fabs.  We met up with Baler from Fargo.


This one was a solid after work family ride. Real MTB'ing, beeocth. Ben's first ride on the new-ish K2 26er.


Me and Harry Homeowner hit it for the first time in a long while


No rain overnight so I was on Monty heading to meet KC for DP at 5:30 with lights blazing.  Then a car with a bike rack U-turns and rolls up beside me...KC reporting that he can't ride cuz he'd forgotten his work clothes.  Offered him my best suit, but he decided to head home;-)  I figured I head home and wrench on my road bike instead of riding.  By the time I got past Baler's old condo the rain had started and by 6 it was storming hard.  I'll scope of the conditions at landing on my way home from work tonight and post, but I suspect prolly too sloppy for a Sat DP;-(


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