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Thursday, August 30, 2012

RR: Turtle Commuting


Today will make a hat trick for cycle commuting for me, the longest streak this year.

No close calls.  No thrown items.  No screamers.  Relatively few honkers.  

One rescued box turtle on 108. He was an inch from getting flattened by a school bus yesterday.  Looking back I should have crossed the road with him instead of walking him into the tall grass on my side.  If he was like the chicken --just trying to get to the other side-- he mighta been right back in the road in 10 minutes trying to cross again.  But I didn't notice any reptile roadkill on the way home so that's good.

The turtle I think is a metaphor for how slow I am on The Green Giant (geared road bike I've been favoring lately).

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