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Friday, October 26, 2012

DP Double Feature

Thursday and Friday DP's.  Gotta get it while you can before the weekend storms.  Rode both of these with the thumbie dialed to friction mode.  Index shifting has been poor as of late so I retroed it out, yo!

Me, XX, and Paul on Thursday.  It was leafy!

Friday brought KC, CBC, Seibold, XX, Todd, Paul, and me to the dirt.  It was leafier.  Folks let me lead cuz KC had to back at Landing by 7.  Skipped the usual Ridge Bar so hit the Boulder Bar instead.  Mixed up the usual CCW loop by bee-lining back to Landing via Connector.  Then mashed it up by lollipping Rockburn Branch loop with some nachos and farm field action.  Pace was a true ZMC.  Seibold cleaned the waist high log by Rockburn Branch (henceforth to be called Kong's Dong--KC came up with that moniker) in BOTH directions.  I one touch dabbed it both ways....a little dab'll do ya.

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