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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stellaluna DP

50 degrees on the Oregon Scientific this morning.  Donned the Esther-style-kneesocks, a skull cap, and two layers up top.  Started overheating on Monty I-95 overpass.  Shed the cap and teeshirt at Landing and rode in comfort;-)  Best time of year and super condtions out there.

Nice big group out there rolling in the dark.  XX, Paul, Baler, Lazy (I mean, Krazy) Carl, W, CBC, and me.  XX rode the Pole Postion on his fixie pace car for most of the clockwise loop.  Nothing usual expect for a few fading MagicShine batteries (mine included).  Good thing I have Stellaluna eyes.


Little to no talk of Pharmstrong was heard.  Cleaned the Big Beech on Cascade with Paul in tow.  Dabbed the Rockburn Branch waist-high-timber;-(

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