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Friday, November 2, 2012

New Drivetrain On the Cheap

Been suffering from poor shifting on the Monakey lately.  Ordered up a new drivetrain on the cheap from Jenson:

  • SRAM PG 950 11-34 cassette
  • Shimano LX non-shadow rear derailleur
  • KMC Z72 8 speed chain
  • Salsa 32T Single Speed ring

Cost was $100 shipped for the lot.

Started wrenching at about 11:20 last night.

Broke the cassette apart and pulled out the 9 speed spacers.  Rebuilt it with old 8 speed spacers and a 13T and 11T from the old 8 speed cassette.  This gives me a nice big range up to 34T (an option that wasn't available in the PG 850 cassette) but makes for a big jump between the 13T and the 17T cogs (that I seldom use anyway).

Mounted the frankencassette, chainring, chain, and derailleur with no issues.  Pulled off the grips and the Avid SD 2.0 levers that I'd grown to love so much.  Removed the Paul Thumbie Ultegra 8 speed shifter too.  Replaced the cockpit with XT lever on left and an XT/XTR 8 speed frankenbrifter on the right.  As I was dailing in the gears, the thumb lever began to malfunction.  Ugh, this was just about to be a 70 minute job.  Pulled the cable out and replaced the shifter pod with an extra that I had in an 8 speed XT trigger.

At 1AM she was all done.

So the story goes:

  • New frankendrivetrain - $100
  • The dogshit that I rode thru and got on both tires on the way to the shed before wrenching - Priceless


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