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Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Drivetrain Ride

Me and KC hit it from my house at 6 with lights blazing.  Rolled thru Rockburn Branch, down Valley View and over to BaltCo for some Vineyard, Santee Shortcut Branch to Hilton Maintenance Shed.  Down the swoopy middle Buzzard's Rock trail.  Then swung over the Swinging Bridge to finish up on Ridge to Connector to Morning Choice to Rockburn Branch and out.

12 miles on the dirt and lots of SEGs, especially on the Buzzard's downhill.

New drivetrain was super sweet.  Quiet and crisp.  KC must have been hating riding the uphills behind me and my new 34T low cog;-)

Couldn't get these two songs out of my head the entire ride.


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