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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trails Are FIne

Sandy, Schmandy....

Lots of leaves and stickety sticks down, but relatively little storm damage out there.  Me and KC put in at Belmont and rolled Rockburn Branch, Ridge (end to end), Cascade, Lewis and Clark, Morning Choice, Farm Field.  Log Trail had a big tree down near MC.  Ridge has a tree down across the Baler Bypass.

Other than that it's hard to believe that 6.5 inches of rain fell out there.  The creek at the bottom of the Farm Field, that changes every storm, looks excatly the same as it did last week.

Trails are in good shape for riding.  Only a few usual spot puddles.  It was hard to stay on the trail at leaf covered that it was easy to lose your way in the dark.  

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