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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tarred and Feathered Ride


Me and KC and NewMark hit a clockwise loop. Trails got a B+ for
conditions. No puddles or anything, but some stretches the had
probably frozen the other night and frost-heaved were still holding

I went down hard on the downhill chicane between Lewis and Clark and
Cascade. Clipped a log running parallel to the trail and fell
sideways into a Vlad the Impaler stick. Stopped just in time to avoid
goring myself, but ripped my left wool Wigwam sock wide open and broke
the glass on my Galaxy S3;-(

On Ridge, just as the bells from the convent across the river clanged,
there was a young buck and a doe and a pile of white feathers all over
the middle of the trail. Looked like a fox snacked on a snowy owl.
One of the feathers made it home, tarred to my Cygolite battery.

Bailed at Belmont and rode out.

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