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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Regarding Duck Dynasty

I've given this a lot of thought and hope you'll listen first to my position, and then pause, and then consider....

So here it is....

Who, the duck, cares a flying duck anyway?

--expect crazy typos--

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why did the media have to remind us of Sandy Hook?

I could have made it to my grave without the reminder.

F$ck fox news.

--expect crazy typos--

Monday, November 18, 2013

To Toronto:

Being mayor of Toronto isn't all it's "cracked up" to be anyway.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stupidest article ever

Next I'll grind up those Oreos and snort them.  Then I'll cook them into crack Oreos.  Pretty sure you can't inject them, the double stuff clog the needles.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Columbus Day

Yikes.  Check this out.

Automatically Enable GPS on App Launch in ROOTED Android 4.1+

I believe Android 2.3 introduced the Location Settings rule that won't let apps auto enable GPS Location Services on launch.  I HATE THIS!

I leave my GPS off when I'm not using it to conserve battery, so when I'm driving and I launch Maps or Navigation I have to look away from the road and click "Enable" when prompted, then tick the GPS satellites checkbox, then press the back button.  Ughhh!  Curse you, Google!!  I'd gladly allow you to auto-enable GPS when I launch Maps.  WTF?!?!?!

Do you hate this as much as me?  Well allow me to teach you how to get around this and auto enable GPS on app launch.  This will only work if you have a ROOTED 4.1+ device.

You need two apps to make this work:  Tasker ($2.99 on the Play Store) and Secure Settings Pro (download the free app from Play Store and then in-app purchase to Pro version for $1.50).  And if you haven't messed with Tasker and Secure Settings before, this can be a major pain in the ass for a noob.  I spent an hour or two searching Google and piecing together info from many other posts (some of them outdated), so I figured I'd share the knowledge and save you the time of rediscovering it.

Just follow these instructions and you'll get automatic enabling of GPS when you open Maps, Navigation, or any other app you include in your GPS On - Tasker Profile.
  1. Install Tasker from Play Store
  2. Install Secure Settings from Play Store
  3. Open Secure Settings and Upgrade to Pro in-app.  When you've upgraded to Pro the screen will look like this.
  4. Tick Helper Tab in Secrure Settings and enable the Helper Alternative [4.1+]

    Tick OK

    When enabled your screen will look like this

    IMPORTANT:  Whenever I'm about to dirty flash a new nightly of my favorite ROM (CarbonRom, of course), I revert the Helper Alternative setting before rebooting to recovery.  Then after I flash and boot the new nightly I go to Secure Settings and re-enable it.  I'm not sure what would happen if I ever forgot to do this, but I don't want to find out.
  5. Now open Tasker
  6. Click + to add a profile
  7. Choose Application
  8. Tick on each application you want to allow to auto-enable GPS on launch (on my phone I chose Maps, Navigation, Garmin Fit, GPS Status, and Car Home Ultra)
  9. When finished selecting your apps, press the "Back" button (the Tasker icon next to "App Selection" in the upper left corner)
  10. Now press + to add new task and name it something like "GPS On"
  11. Next press + to add an Action and then select "Plugin" in Select Action Category
  12. Now select "Secure Settings"
  13. Next click Configuration "Edit" button and scroll down and pick GPS
  14. Make sure "On" is radioed and press Save in the upper right
  15. Lastly, tick the "If" checkbox to the right, and make the open text entry say "%GPS ~ off"
  16. Press the "Back" button (the Tasker icon next to "Action Edit" in the upper left corner)
  17. Press the "Back" button (the Tasker icon next to "Task Edit" in the upper left corner)
  18. Your profile has been created.  Make sure that it's ON
  19. You may want to disable Tasker from running in foreground (this will take the annoying Tasker message out of you Notifications.  To do this, go to Tasker Preferences>Monitor and uncheck "Run in Foreground").
  20. Time to test it!  Go to Settings>Location and make sure GPS is off.
  21. Go to App Drawer and launch Maps.  YAY! I pressed the My Location icon in the lower right and GPS was already automatically enabled by my Tasker Profile.
  22. Reboot device and test again to make sure your Tasker Profile runs automatically.
There you have it.  For $4.50 you've twarted Google's Location Policy.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Best article on Syria today

Friday, August 2, 2013

Can we please filter out news about Castro

Interested in Fidel.
Couldn't give two shits about Ariel.

Rose colored glasses

Germany ends spy pact with US and UK

I'm afraid that if the Germans aren't just as guilty of cyber snooping as the rest of the first world, then we are thrice as stupid as we were in WWI and WWII.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spokes on Hand 07/20/13

Length (mm)CountNotes



294    34    butted
296     2     butted

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Fairland Ride

Stole a ride with Burner, KC, NewMark, and Jake yesterday at Fairland Recreational Park.

Funny thing is that before Jen and I were married we used to ride in these woods and it was dirtbike and 4 wheeler trails back then.  She used to live right on Greencastle road.  Trails are much better now.  Lots of gravel on the sandy soil trail surfaces help them drain real well.  A few cool skinnys to play on too.

Patapsco 100 - 33 miler

Rode the 33 on a 1x8 29er.  The heat, humidity, and lack of a granny gear kept me from venturing in the pain cave for some of the ridable uphills that I walked.  Rode alone for long stretches but usually had some company with other 33ers that were going about my pace.

Trails were super enjoyable.  First time I'd ridden any of them and they reminded me a lot of Pisgah, NC (only without 1 hour fireroad climbs, 10 minute descents, or rhododendrons).  Loved the rockovers and creek crossings and switchback climbs.  Aid station was well stocked and super friendly and helpful for hydration, nutrition, and lube.  Course signage was great (and the handwritten Fun Signs were awesome)...any time I started wondering if I'd gone the wrong way it was never long til I saw another red arrow to ease my worry.

Does anyone ride that last rocky climb???  Ouch.  Rolling up the park road to the finish was the most painful time for me.  Not having a granny helped me pass and put some distance on a few other 33ers that had bailout gearing.   No more than 1/2 mile from the finish a hand on my rear gave me a push and a voice said, "Hey, Bill."  It was Pat Blair lapping me on his SS.  He then continues to talk to another rider (the 1st place rider that he just passed) in normal converstional tone while muscling his SS up the grueling road.  He's a beast!

Showboated thru the finish line by jumping off the back and ghost riding the bike into the meadow.  My 8 year old, Abby, saw it and said, "That was cool, Dad."  I'm glad somebody saw it because it cost me a broken trigger shifter and bonked my Garmin hard enough to trick it into thinking that I did one 33.78 mile lap in 1 second at an average speed of 133,000 mile per hour.  That's only a few thousand off of the speed of light!

I think I finished in about 5:35.  Can't wait to see the results.