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Thursday, February 28, 2013

More on Xposed Settings

What does the following options mean:
Insistent notifications
Revoke permissions check box
- Resident
Makes the app less prone to be removed from memory when not active.
Example: Phone, Contacts, Mms apps. If you enable it for them, they should be very responsive pretty much all the time, as other apps will be freed instead of these ones when memory is required for something else you run

- Insistent notifications
Activates a flag that makes the sound associated with statusbar notifications for that app LOOP continuously. It won't stop, though, so use it carefully 

- Revoke permissions
Allows you to selectively deny one or more permissions that the package has declared to require and that it would normally get.
You can e.g. revoke the INTERNET permission and it won't be able to access the internet.
Note that this can make the apps FC in many situations, it all depends on how the app handles the lack of permissions. For INTERNET, some of the ad-based apps will just display something like "INTERNET permission missing" in the ad area but continue to work. Others will simply FC and you won't be able to revoke the permission.
The same applies to any other permission, this is just an example.

Brilliant: ICS app picker for JB

AlternateAppPicker: ICS-style default app chooser for JB | VillainROM & FreeYourAndroid

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ROM of the Week: CarbonROM for the Nexus 4 and Others

Running on my Galaxy S3 and my Nexus 7.  Best ROM ever.

Your Days Of Finger Banging Old Mary Jane Rottencrotch Sound Clip and Quote - Hark

Full Metal Jacket. Like 2 movies in 1.

KT747 Pegasusq/zen for a day

Great battery life...5 hours better than interactive/row with same frequencies.
Not near as stable though.  One random reboot.  One blue line when ending a call. Some erratic home button behavior. Random lag open Swype and swipe on keyboard.
Touch Boosts Disabled

Should have thrown the chain and cassettes in too

50° sunny moist you can hear the grass growing step outside

Really? Oh, don't mind that. It's just my girl-penis.

You can still pee sitting down in the boy's room, kiddo.

Colorado Transgender Girl Banned From First-Grade School Bathroom - ABC News

Xposed Tapatalk HD Settings

This app isn't even supposed to work on phones:)

Xposed Gmail Settings

Rick Needs One of these For Li'l Ass Kicker

Google Glass worth $16K street value

Google Glass eBay Listing Removed [UPDATED]

Xposed settings

Saturday, February 16, 2013