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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Facebook Home on GS3

So I gave Facebook Home Launcher a go on my GS3.  It's pretty slick.  Just a launcher app that must have an updated Facebook app to work properly.  Installation and embedded instructions were appropriate for any noob.

Pretty Neat

  • It's basically like having Flipboard built into your launcher and lock screen.  It's slick and quick and looks and feels right.
  • Last App swipe right shortcut is a nice touch.
  • Integrating SMS and Facebook Messenger is a cool idea.  I didn't test it because I don't use Facebook Messenger.  It'd be slick if they could integrate GTalk here too.
Not so Great
  • No widget support in Apps shortcut screen
  • No widget support on Lock Screen
Am I using it for Daily Driver?  No
Have I uninstalled it yet?  No

Introducing Facebook Home

The family of apps that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.
With Home, everything on your phone gets friendlier. From the moment you turn it on, you see a steady stream of friends’ posts and photos. Upfront notifications and quick access to your essentials mean you’ll never miss a moment. And you can keep chatting with friends, even when you’re using other apps.
It’s all part of Facebook Home—there’s no other phone, app or operating system like it.

Friends fill the screen

As soon as you turn on your phone or press the home button, you see a stream of posts from News Feed.
Cover feed puts the spotlight on whatever friends are sharing now—photos, status updates, links and more.

Get notifications where you need them

Notifications about calls, events, Facebook updates and other apps appear on your home screen and stick around until you need them.¹ Profile pictures and app icons make it easy to see what’s what. Tap the stuff you’re into, swipe away the stuff you’re not.
¹All notifications are available on the HTC First. The free Home download includes Facebook notifications.

Chat Heads & Messenger

Keep chatting, even when you’re using other apps.

All your conversations in one spot

Send and receive texts and Facebook messages in one place. Profile pictures make your group chats and one-on-one time more personal.

Chat from anywhere on your phone

Jump in and out of conversations while you do other things, like watch videos or browse the web. Drag chat heads where you want them.

App Launcher

Get right to Facebook, Instagram and other essentials.

Choose what goes where

You start with a couple of screens: an app launcher with the essentials, and a list of all your apps. Drag your favorites to your app launcher so you can quickly get to what you need. Add more screens as you need them.

Drag your picture wherever you want to go

Move your profile picture to quickly get to all of the important stuff on your phone. Drag left to see your messages or start chatting with a friend. Drag up to open your app launcher or post to Facebook. And drag to the right to go back to whatever app you used last.
Last App

Already have an Android? Download Home for free.

Get Facebook Home on your own Android in 3 steps. Add the Messenger and Facebook apps for the full experience. Facebook Home for Android is available for download from the Google Play Store on certain devices, including the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Like Facebook Mobile

Get updates about Home.

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